3 Dimensions

Can you envision your entire body/brain system in a 3-dimensional image?

Since we live in a three physical dimensional world, doesn’t it make sense to have BB Rainbow lights figure 12978651_sall three dimensions in alignment? The 3 Dimensions of our body/brain system when aligned and integrated provide presence, balance and ease in moving through tasks. Stress and struggle are replaced with ease and flow making learning easier and more enjoyable. Aligning your body/brain system in all three dimensions is one of the significant differences in my process and other brain balancing processes.

The 3 Dimensions as described in Brain Gym® are…


Communication image smallThe Communication Dimension is about thinking and coordination. Side to side movements integrate this dimension. This dimension is located primarily in the front brain. When the Communication Dimension is balanced, it allows us to easily make decisions, solve problems and be both linear and creative.


The Centering Dimension is about practical creativity, organization andCentering image small 2 emotional calm. Up and down movements integrate this dimension. This dimension is located primarily in the midbrain. When the Centering Dimension is balanced, we are more easily express and manifest our ideas and feel and express our emotions while staying centered.


Focus image small 2The Focus Dimension* is about participation and sensing. Front to back movements help integrate this dimension by releasing tension helping us to more fully participate in life by moving forward and taking action or appropriately holding back. This dimension is located primarily in the brain stem.* When we are feeling stuck, it is often the Focus Dimension keeping us locked in fight, flight or freeze. When the Focus Dimension is balanced, we are at choice and willing to participate and more easily move into flow. When you are highly stressed, it’s often this dimension that’s the priority.

*Because of our high stress levels in today’s world, many of us have become habituated to being in stress and often get stuck in the Focus Dimension. This can make  access to the other two dimensions difficult, causing even more distress. Activating all 3 dimensions daily and paying particular attention to the Focus Dimension helps to align all 3 dimensions. One of the processes I use and can teach you is how to easily to learn to check and see if your dimensions are balanced or out-of-balance.

Please connect with me on the Contact Page if you’d like to learn more about the 3 Dimensions and how you can keep them aligned and all working optimally.