Coming out of hiding…

7-8-12 Sheryl behind tree croppedI wish I could tell you my life has always been full of ease, joy and fulfillment, but it hasn’t. Yes, there were many, many things which went well and I enjoyed. Now that I’ve created more ease and joy than I ever expected, I want to share some of the struggles I experienced during my childhood, teen and adult years to see if you just might relate.  A few things which sometimes kept me stressed and stuck were: low self-esteem, feeling like I just didn’t ‘get it’–whatever ‘it’ was at the time and I didn’t feel smart as some subjects in school were difficult (in my 30’s I discovered I had mild dyslexia). While I did manage to get above average grades, I perceived myself as ‘below’ average or not good enough. With what I’ve discovered as I continued to explore possibilities, I believe I also had some ADD and bi-polar challenges.

People sometimes saw me as shy and even ‘distant’ because I didn’t always know how to ‘fit in’. I now realize it was really fear which kept me from shining. I was afraid everyone else would see my flaws so I often felt like hiding or shrinking, hoping no one would notice my awkwardness and lack of confidence. I often acted ‘as if’ I was happy and content when inside anxiety and fear kept me in continual stress. I’m sharing this with you so if any of this seems familiar, you will know  it changed for me and can change for you as well–and it doesn’t have to take near as long!

A little about my early life…

My childhood was different from many—I grew up as an ‘army brat’ traveling continually every 1-3 years. I went to 10 different schools and to be honest, I looked forward to moving because when one feels inadequate moving on makes it is easier to hide. (I also loved a new adventure!) Being the oldest of four kids, I had more responsibility and being tall, I also appeared mature for my age. This created additional anxiety since inside I often didn’t feel very responsible or mature.

At age 20 I married my college sweetheart and husband of 48 years. We are blessed with two children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. We settled in the Pacific NW in 1979 and have lived here ever since. I raised my two youngest grand-children for several years.

I began an earnest search for solutions for my fear and anxiety at age forty when I developed health challenges. Through several synchronistic events, I was introduced to alternative and holistic healing which was the turning point in my search and the beginning of healing on many different levels for me.

As I continued my quest, I finally found what I had been seeking! My self-esteem and confidence soared as my experience of life’s challenges shifted easily and quickly. When I noticed powerful shifts and results for so many others who had been struggling in different ways I knew I had found my calling. I was surprised such a simple process could be so powerful and effective. I’ve been using this process for the last twelve years to diminish stress and anxiety and increase ease, joy, peace and fulfillment in my life.

Because I have struggled and searched for solutions, I believe I can help you. If you want to work with someone whose life may have had challenges and struggles similar to yours and has found ways to overcome them, let’s talk. It’s my passion to  bring more ease into your life but also to draw out the best of you–all the untapped potential hidden beneath unnecessary stress and struggle!

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