Below are some quick answers to questions you may have…

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What do you mean by Intentional Movement?
Intentional Movement simply means that you choose an intention, goal or priority during our time together and we ask your Body/Brain/Heart/Mind* system which movements will align you most quickly with your desire. We usually begin by choosing from a menu of proven movements and activities. *The words body/brain/heart/mind and body/brain system are interchangeable.

Why do I need to have an intention?
When you set an intention, it notifies your Body/Brain system that you are intending to make some changes so it immediately goes on alert that something new is going to happen. Your system tells us what it needs to make the changes you intend.

What types of problems do you work with?
Your entire system is the only true expert on you! Since your Body/Brain system is so inter-connected, physical, emotional or mental stress may show up in a variety of ways. My part is to ask your system what it needs to facilitate the changes you want to make. Your part is to be open and willing to embrace a new way of showing up and listen to the messages your body/brain system is sending you and follow its priorities.

Body Brain Synergy sessions are useful for social, physical, emotional and mental challenges as well as bringing more ease to school, work, sports and relationships. I have seen many people of all ages and from all walks of life choose goals as varied as catching a ball, making friends more easily, getting homework done, taking tests, balancing their checkbook, marketing their business, enjoying life more, learning to dance, speaking up for yourself and setting better boundaries, and the list goes on…

What is a Body Brain Profile Assessment?
A Body Brain Profile Assessment is a simple intake process to determine how you learn best. There are 32 possible profiles and one of them is yours. You receive a report of your profile type and suggestions on how to minimize stress and maximize performance. When you discover your distinct learning profile, it makes learning easier and less stressful. Click here to learn more.

What is Brain Gym?
Brain Gym® is a program of easy, enjoyable physical movements enhancing learning and performance, and creating more ease in all areas of life. These movements re-pattern the brain’s neural pathways and prepare the body and brain for new learning, focused attention for  work and school and physical activities (including sports). Blocks and sabotaging patterns disintegrate as the body-brain is re-patterned for optimal potential in intellectual, creative, physical and interpersonal areas of life. Learn more about Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® www.braingym.org.

How long do sessions take?
Generally the first session is about 75-90 minutes as we meet and I learn more about you. I’ll send you a brief form to fill out before our session so I know why you’re seeking my support in making changes to have more ease in your life. After that, sessions are usually 50-60 minutes and more than one goal can be chosen during the time. When your Body/Brain system becomes accustomed to intentional movement, it synergizes very quickly.

How many sessions will it take to get results?
You will get results in each session. Since your system knows exactly what it needs, it will usually integrate immediately. However, you may need to work through a few “layer’s” if you have a challenge for some time.
For example: Two students have test anxiety; one actually gets physically sick and throws up while the other just feels slightly nervous. In the more acute case, it might take than one session to get to ease while the slightly nervous person may experience ease immediately. Perhaps after the first session, the acute case of test anxiety realizes he’s no longer physically ill but still anxious about test taking. Neither is worse or better, what we want to do is replace stress with ease during test taking and your Body/Brain/Heart Mind system knows exactly what it needs.
Setting up a series of sessions gives your Body/Brain system a bigger leap toward making significant changes. Your system also becomes familiar with this process and begins to respond more quickly each time. These sessions can be spaced out however you like. We can always ask your system when  it’s ready for more.
When I discovered this process, my Body/Brain system responded so quickly and dramatically, I did a session a week for several months as the results were life changing–beyond any other transformational work  I had experienced thus far…and it was playful as well as profound!

Are there any side effects?
Responses to this work are varied. Most people sense a difference in the way they feel and experience feeling energized, more present, relaxed, hopeful.. Others feel like they want to rest and perhaps take a nap. Your system will let you know what it needs. The most important thing is to stay hydrated—drink lots of water to support the changes your body/brain circuitry has made and honor what your body needs. You receive an instruction sheet after your Synergy Session so you know what to expect.

Is this good for kids and adults?
Definitely! I began this work when I was in my 50’s and continue to move with intention daily. Children tend to respond more quickly to this work because they tend to have simpler goals and less to re-pattern while adults are often changing life-long patterns. However, I’ve seen HUGE shifts in adults. The more willing and ready a person is, the quicker the results. When working with children, I ask at least one parent also experience my work. Family dynamics can shift quickly and if your child is changing their behavior(s), you don’t want to continue with previous responses but match where they are now. Usually I see children and teens alone to create trust; children are more likely to share more when a parent isn’t present. However, occasionally aligning both of you together can be extremely beneficial…if both are willing and agree.

How does this work long distance?
It is important to have visual contact and I have found the best way is with Skype and a camera on your computer. When we can see each other, I can show you movements and observe your body to be sure you are getting optimal results. After you become familiar with the movements, it is possible to do a session without video but video or in person works best.

How can I be sure this is right for me?
By noticing if you’re drawn to the work and then experiencing it. It is very experiential so noticing how your system responds is the best way to tell if it’s a match for you. I find everyone benefits in some way—it’s mostly a matter of preference in how you want to make the changes you seek. And, I feel we all benefit from moving as much as possible!

How is this different from other types of processes?
Many brain focused programs involve more mental processes rather than physical activities. While these may be helpful, I don’t believe they address the entire body/brain system. Body Brain Synergy includes activities and movements which engage the 3 Dimensions of your body/brain system including side to side, up and down and front to back. Through whole body movement, your system creates new neural pathways for the changes you desire. When you set a clear intention of where you desire more ease in your life, then notice where you were before and what has changed after, this gives your Body/Brain system immediate feedback that change has occurred. After almost 14 years, I am  continually amazed and excited by the results people experience.

Do I have to have a challenge or problem for this to help me?
No, some people enjoy the process so much they come in for a Tune Up just like you might with you chiropractor or acupuncturist. Or, they’re simply looking for new perspectives in some area of school, work or relationship. While you can do Body Brain Synergy movements  at home, sometimes we need another person to support us in reaching our goals.

What is your rescheduling or cancellation policy?
I ask for 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. You can leave me a phone message or e-mail me. No shows and cancellations are charged in full for in person sessions or Skype sessions. I ask for pre-payment on Skype sessions via Paypal. If for some reason I make a scheduling mistake and give you less than 24 hours’ notice, I will make up your session free of charge.

How much does a session cost?
Since prices vary, I will e-mail you a complete list of prices for children and adults, both private and group sessions if you e-mail me on the Contact Page.

Don’t see your question? If you have any other questions not addressed here, please e-mail them to me on the contact page and I will get back to you with 24 hours.

Disclaimer for Mutual Understanding…

Brain Gym® and Body Brain Synergy™ are not medical models but educational models of human interaction believing that health derives from the body-brain system’s ability to function harmoniously in wholeness. More than an absence of illness, it is the ability to take vital and appropriate action in ones’ life, be aware and present in the moment and include rest and restoration as needed. The movements and activities are for re-educational rather than therapeutic purposes.

If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any movement program, especially for advice about any specific physical condition. Be gentle with yourself if you haven’t recently done much movement. Muscles can be strained if forced to move in new ways and force of any kind is opposes the purpose of Brain Gym® movements which are gentle and engaging. These movements are not offered as a treatment of any kind. The Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Brain Gym International® and Sheryl Allen, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant, assume no responsibility for any misuse of the movements and activities presented.