Body Brain Profile Assessments

Making Living and Learning Easier with Body Brain Profile Assessments

We can determine more about how you most easily learn with a Body Brain BBPA CharacterProfile Assessment (BBPA).* You will discover your preferred/dominant brain hemisphere as well as your preferred eye, ear, hand and foot! This is very beneficial because when you know which of each of these is dominant, you can discover what happens to your thinking, seeing, hearing and actions when you’re anxious or stressed.

Once you’re aware of how your body/brain system is organized, you can learn how to quickly re-align so life becomes easier again! When you know your preferred/dominant brain hemisphere, eye, ear, hand and foot, it helps you understand your learning process as well as what happens when you are anxious or stressed.

There are 32 possible body/brain profile combinations and one of them is your distinct profile!

It’s a simple and easy process and takes about 30 minutes and you will receive a report of your profile type and suggestions on how to minimize stress and maximize performance.

Note: Body Brain Profile Assessments (BBPA) are not the same as Preferred Learning Styles which include Audio (hearing), Visual (seeing) and Kinesthetic (moving) learners. These are also important to understand. When you combine them with your BBPA, you’re super power charged, bringing even more oomph to learning and making changes with ease! You can click on the Students page to learn more about Preferred Learning Styles.

*Body Brain Profile Assessments are only guidelines and not to be taken as diagnostic or prescriptive. Since human beings are continually changing, your responses may vary as well. Always listen to your Inner Guidance/Intuition about what is best for your body/brain system.

Body Brain Profile Assessment experiences…

A client of mine had her profile done and discovered how her ability to communicate and listen was affected when she was stressed. Her mouth dropped open in amazement as she shared “that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday—I was stressed and I couldn’t hear with my left ear” (which usually works fine and this is what her profile showed would happen when stressed). “My friend was sitting on my left side and kept saying: ‘listen to me, you aren’t hearing me!’ I’m so happy to know about this; now I know what i can do when it happens again.”

“My BBPA with Sheryl was very helpful. A couple of explanations really struck home: my biggest challenge was very accurate; and the “Interprets language primarily from its tone, pitch and rhythm (dialect)” helped explain my ability to understand when people speak to me in languages I do not know. Understanding these qualities in myself is very beneficial and Sheryl provided solutions so I can shift back to center when stressed. Plus working with Sheryl was great FUN!” Paula Swenson

Mother and son…“I found the Body Brain Profile Assessment a really straight forward process to go through and Sheryl guided me easily through the instructions. The results were both interesting and confirmative and explained a great deal about how I learn. I know I will benefit greatly from the results.” Rachel McDonald

“I enjoyed answering the questions and Sheryl was nice to talk to. I had fun and learnt about my brain and how it works. I even got to colour in a picture of my brain, that was fun also! Thank you Sheryl!” Carlito Age 7 Soul Gypsy Deputy

If you’d like to find out more, please connect with me on the Contact Page to  discuss scheduling your BBPA.