Boomers and Seniors

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As a baby boomer are you concerned about your aging body and brain
with mental and physical health being a BIG priority?

As a group, boomers have been the healthiest and most active generation to date as well as the first generation to genuinely expect the world to improve—and wanting to be a part of the change they believe is possible. Rather than retiring, many are opting for second and even third careers as they re-invent themselves and their lifestyles.

Many boomers and active seniors question traditional medical methods used to ‘treat’ aging bodies and brains by seeking natural, alternative ways to live healthy, happy, productive lives—choosing to thrive in all stages of life by maintaining mobility, vitality and mental acuity.

Stress levels are extremely high as boomers attempt to keep up in a rapidly changing world in which our environment and food supply is being affected by chemicals, toxins and harmful energy fields creating a global health crisis. With exposure to all of this as well as keeping up with technology and adapting to the aging process, maintaining a positive attitude is more important than ever.

The Dementia Dilemma

Elephant imageGrowing anxiety about age-related dementia is the elephant in the room. Baby boomers and seniors are concerned for themselves and often dealing with dementia in friends and family members. The numbers of older adults diagnosed with dementia are increasing and boomers are seeking solutions for retaining mental clarity as they age.

The body brain conneXion is the new frontier to explore!

The brain has become the ‘new frontier’ to explore as scientists and brain experts are now more focused on ‘inner’ space3-22-15 Body &  brain image rather than outer space. Studying the brain and how it functions and communicates with our body (and vice versa) has taken quantum leaps in the last 10 years with new information emerging and changing as rapidly as technology. To stay healthy, diminish stress and accept aging requires making new and different choices and learning how to adapt when life’s circumstances change.

A Natural Solution…Movement is the language the brain understands best!

“We are finding the brain is wired and rewired throughout our life by movement and if we didn’t move we wouldn’t need a brain.” Dr. Carla Hannaford, author of Smart Moves

When we focus on particular movements for specific reasons and results, the body/brain system quickly re-organizes to moreBoomer man doing Unilateral quickly fulfill your intention. No matter what your age, you can retrain, regain and retain more mental and physical capabilities. Through the power of intentional movement, your body/brain system recognizes your goals before your mind can figure out how to attain them.

Body/brain balancing diminishes frustration, anxiety and stress while enhancing life in many areas. As I mentioned on my home page, I have found Brain Gym® to be a natural, quick and easy way to re-pattern and re-align the body brain system so boomers can embrace the physical, emotional and mental changes to experience greater peace and vitality.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.” Carol Welch

Because of our active lifestyles, boomers are requiring more knee, hip and joint replacements. During recovery time, Brain Gym3-23-15 Zebra movements are easily adaptable for physical limitations of any kind and can be done sitting or even lying down making it easy to keep moving regardless of range of motion challenges. The playful activities keep boomers and seniors more energized, creative, balanced and flexible…while having a lot of FUN!

All it takes is a little willingness to explore new options and putting into practice what you learn for a happier, healthier life!

Connect with me on the Contact Page and let’s talk to see how I might be able to help make life easier for you. I enjoy working with small groups and it is a cost effective way to bring more ease into learning for you.