Teachers and Home Schoolers

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Are you feeling the stress of everyday living and learning?

Whether you are a parent teaching your children or a teacher in a public or private school, I’m sure you delight seeing smiles and the sparkle in a student’s eyes when they truly enjoy learning and master a new skill. Sadly, in today’s busy active world with so much going on for everyone, stress and overwhelm are rampant and we are seeing fewer smiles and more frustration. Children, teens and adults are all being adversely affected by fast-paced lifestyle, chemicals and toxins in our environment, processed unhealthy food and being continually inundated with information. Adding rapidly changing technology requires even more time, energy and new learning for all ages. Simply keeping up with everything can feel like a full time job and is creating significant stress in individuals and families.

Teachers have meetings, daily curriculum goals which have to be met, ongoing communication with parents about how their children are doing and often have one or more Special Ed students, requiring more personal attention, mainstreamed into their classroom. Homeschooling, private and public teachers all have requirements by the Department of Education to fulfill and local school districts to comply with. Add A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. to the list and some of you may be wondering if you’ll ever be able to catch up.

Many homeschooling parents work at home or outside the home and are often with their children 24/7. If their children have any learning challenges, it affects the entire household, especially the parent child relationship. Siblings often have different learning styles and needs as well. Even though public and private school teachers go home at the end of the day, you may have particular students you feel a soft spot in your heart for. If only you knew how to help them have more ease and success in their learning experience.Camel with straw

I often hear teachers and parents say “I just can’t do one more thing!” If you are feeling this way, you are already overwhelmed and believe ‘one more thing’ will be the straw that broke the camels back–not a pretty picture. This is why it’s important to discern the ‘right’ one more thing can shift chaos into calm within you and those around you. Choosing the next ‘right thing’ can help you enjoy the game of life with enthusiasm and ease. I invite you to read one teachers experience below.

Does any of the above feel familiar? Are you seeking ways to help your children or students experience more ease and joy while learning and to stay calm and centered yourself? If so, I have found body brain balancing to be life-enriching for both teachers and students. Kids enjoy doing the movements and activities and teachers often see immediate results when integrating it into their learning time, bringing more calm into the classroom.

One of the most effective tools I’ve found to enrich the learning experience is Body Brain Profile Assessments (BBPA). There are 32 possible combinations and when teachers and students discover more about individual learning profiles, school can become easier and students, teachers and fellow students have more understanding and compassion for each other.

Real results described by a teacher and her 4th grade class…

“Sheryl has worked with two of my classes and I’ve noticed both are more calm, centered, focused and balanced than previous classes. Last year 100% of my students passed the MSP tests and I’m sure Brain Gym contributed to this. The Body Brain Profile Assessments are extremely helpful to me and my students in learning how they can optimize their personal learning styles.
I highly recommend Sheryl Allen as a Brain Gym teacher/facilitator. Her intuitive, gentle, caring, playful approach engages the entire class and they all look forward to her next visit to teach new movements. She is experienced, skilled and passionate about her work. They were disappointed when she moved away. ” M. Armstrong, WA 4th grade teacher

Ms. Armstrong's class scan0014

“Whooo! Whooo! Thank you! Brain gym is awesome and so are you! I learned that I am right brain dominant. In brain gym I like the owl. Thanks again!” Angelyiah

“Thank you for teaching my about my brain. I learned that my brain can’t access the right brain hemisphere when anxious. I like doing lazy 8 in brain gym.” Lior

“Thank you for teaching me new moves, and I learned that I am a type A profile and I learn best by focusing on details.” Lily K

“Thank you for telling my teacher that I lern better with stuff in my hands. She doesn’t make me sit by her when thers something in my hands anymore. I lerned I might need to touch things to lern.” Jensen

“Thank you for using your time to teach me more about my brain. I learned that I am a left brain dominant, learn best when focusing on details, and double doodles will help!” Wei-Ly

“Thank you for taking your time to help us. I learned that I am left hemisphere. In brain gym that I like is cross crawls. It gets me more focused in class.” Yianni

“Thank you for telling me that I am a left brain dominant. I learned that I can pick up details through my ears and eyes even when I am anxious. In Brain gym I like the owl and the double doodle.” Fatimah

“Thank you for telling me some helpful activities I should do like read aloud or active listening. Well I just want to say THANK YOU for the brain gym activities. I loved the owl. Hoot Hoot.” Andre

If you would like to discuss how to introduce body/brain alignment based on the Brain Gym® movements and activities to your children—at home or in the classroom, please connect with me on the Contact Page so we can schedule a time to talk and see how we bring more ease to teaching and learning.

I enjoy working with groups and it is a very cost effective, powerful and fun way to bring more ease into the learning experience.