Success Stories

Here are a few  success stories of clients I have worked with so you have an idea of how Intentional Alignment Movements are bring more ease and joy to lives. I’ve changed their names to keep identities anonymous.

A few success stories from students of all ages…

  • Success imageAnnie, a 6th grader, had never been about to spell well. Working together, we discovered the easiest way for her to learn to spell and soon she was getting 8-10 words out of 10 correct rather than her usual 3-4.
  • Leslie, a high school freshman, was getting C’s and D’s in math. After a few sessions, she was proud of the A in math on her report card.
  • Shannon had struggled for four years with keeping track of her homework. “Shannon would forget to do assignments, do them and lose them, or do them and just not turn them in. It was beyond maddening for both of us. She worked with Sheryl one time and had a marked improvement. A couple months later, she did one more session and by the end of the semester she had made honor roll! She is feeling confident again and we are just so relieved to get past the block that was holding her back and creating so much stress in our lives.” Thankful Mom
  • Connie, a nursing student, had learning challenges all of her life and nursing school was becoming more and more difficult. After our first session, her mother called the next day amazed that for the first time ever, Connie had sat down and written a paper which was due the next day in less than an hour. It would usually take her several stressful hours!
  • Susan, a professional in her 40’s, was changing careers and attending law school. She was very worried about taking the bar exam. After 2 synergy sessions she was ecstatic to pass with less stress and is now a lawyer!
  • Dean, a chiropractor, wanted to take the week long national board exam so he could practice anywhere in the country. We did an alignment session the morning he was leaving for the exam and he returned, happy to report all went well. He was relaxed and at ease and now has the freedom to practice in any state he chose.
  • Gail, a senior, had test anxiety and was afraid she could not pass her driver’s exam—passed with flying colors after a Body Brain Synergy session.

Two powerful success stories…

Richard, a social worker, from the UK was visiting his fiancée in the U.S. A gentle, soft-spoken man, his self-esteem was low because of lifelong learning challenges. Life felt difficult to him. The day after our first session (which had to do with self-esteem and making his life easier), he was invited to play soccer as a substitute with a very athletic team. Sports had never been his strong point so he had avoided them; catching and kicking a ball was difficult. They talked him into playing and the following day he called and excitedly asked if he could work with me one more time before leaving to return to the UK. When he arrived, he animatedly told me about how much he enjoyed playing: “I wasn’t afraid of the ball or getting hurt and had so much fun! I want to feel more like this all the time!” he exclaimed.

Carol, an artist, was having trouble promoting and marketing her artwork. It was difficult to talk about her art to others. We worked together and she went on to approach several galleries which decided to carry her artwork. I went with her to one gallery and the owner said “I’ve never known an artist who was so self-confident and proactive in promoting their artwork.” Carol went on to create a six figure income from her art, making a good living doing what she loves.

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